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The products from Prolan have proven themselves in many ways, the material is a strong rust and corrosion protection that lasts as well as having excellent lubricating properties. The product is the result of many years of development by smart entrepreneurs in New Zealand and is constantly evolving as it seeks to meet ever stricter requirements.


Prolan is not limited to corrosion protection. This great material can be used for various occasions, e.g. Prolan can be used to lubricate chains, screw bolts and nuts, brake cables and transmission cables on bicycles and even bones as well as having excellent lubricating properties. The material does not conduct electricity up to 70kv. Prolan has received NSF certification and can therefore be used in the food industry, but such certification says a lot about the fact that this is an extremely high-quality product.

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The key ingredient, Lanolin, is non-toxic and non-carcinogenic; so Prolan surpasses other petrochemical products in safety.
Prolan lubricants and grease lubes are safe to use on rubber and other synthetic materials, providing a natural barrier that will not cause perishing. 
Around the workshop Prolan is safe, easy to apply and clean to use. Prolan is biodegradable, so is a safer alternative for the environment, especially in the marine industry where protection of our oceans and marinas has now become a global issue.  Prolan products provide an environmental solution for your lubrication and corrosion problems.


Prolan can be used for a multiple of applications – from general workshop lubricant, the protection and preservation of metals and electronics from corrosion and wear, and is certified for the food-grade industry. 
One aerosol can of Prolan liquid lubricant replaces a multitude of other workshop lubricants.  Prolan will save you time, reduce cost, increase productivity and ensure your valuable investments and assets will last longer.


The Prolan team has a vast array of technical and practical knowledge. 
If you have a problem with corrosion, the Prolan team will work through your problems and understand your needs to provide you with the best practical solution and product. 
Prolan lubricants have been tested vigorously by a team of scientists and have been internationally approved to meet our customers' requirements, providing you with real performance and protection.

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Prolan Natural High Performance Lanolin lubricants

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